Word Trek Deer

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Word Trek is a brain word based game, developed by PlaySimple Games.

Use the search form to search for all the answers to any level for Deer category. Do not enter the level number in the search form, enter the letters. The level number is not important, just enter the first 4 letters in the grid of the top row.

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Word Trek Deer answers

Enter the first 4 letters you see in the grid (or more letters to get better results).

word trek answers
Lets make an example. Suppose you want the answers to the above puzzle. You can enter in the search form 4 letters EACT, than hit Enter. Or you can enter just 3 letters then select the grid size.
Note: if you enter 4 or 5 letters, the results will the better.

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Word Trek isn’t the first of its kind, as it rehashes the idea that WordBrain originally came up with and yet, I feel Word Trek has improved on small, little areas that WordBrain lacked.

Gameplay is what you would expect form a word search type game, where you must match all the letters on screen to make a word. When you’ve made one of the correct words, the remaining letters will fall down into place, before resting there. These letters can only form words that are predetermined, meaning that you can’t find words that aren’t perceived as the “correct” words.

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word trek deer answers